Mers Goodwill | Excel Center

    Mers Goodwill has been an institution in St. Louis for over 100 years, so when they launched a new program for adult education I was really excited to be a part of it. The Excel Center is an adult high school that members of the community could attend completely free of charge. The approach was to speak with current students about their experience and aspirations to inspire other potential students to sign up. The key to this piece was to emphasize emotion and prioritize hope. This was ultimately a very rewarding and successful piece.

    My Role: Editor

    This piece was also part of a larger campaign asking for donations to the Mers Goodwill organization. These pieces highlighted the various programs that the organization either organized or supported throughout the community.

    Below are pieces highlighting the Innovative Concept Academy, a school program for very high risk students, and the ACCESS program  which helps victims of abuse with vocational training and other services.

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