California Love

February 14, 2016

Point Reyes Light House, easily one of the coolest things we saw on the trip

In honor of this Valentine’s Day and of course my own procrastination I give you some favorites from our anniversary trip to California. We flew into San Francisco, picked up our amazing camper van from Escape Camper Vans and booked it up north to the red woods.

One of the most amazing moments on the trip was a result of our exhaustion. We were driving on mountain roads at night and were totally exhausted. We decided to abandon our plan to drive for another hour and a half and instead stop at an RV park not too far away. We were bummed that we wouldn’t get to the redwoods on day one. However we were in luck, because the red woods started way sooner than we realized. So when we woke up we were greeted with this site!


It was pretty amazing, we had been camped in a grove a redwoods and hadn’t even known it! It was an amazing start to an amazing journey. From Hubolt Bay all the way down to Big Sur. Five years and we still aren’t sick of one another 🙂 Happy Valentines day everyone!


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