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Centene Poster - I Heart Ferguson

Centene : Company and Community

This was a really amazing piece that I just recently edited with Vidzu Media. The piece was shown at the ribbon cutting for Centene Corporation's new claims center in Ferguson, MO. The company knew that they wanted to create a piece that really highlighted not just the building but the spirit of the people who worked there. We interviewed employees, all of whom are Ferguson residents. They were so genuinely passionate about the company and it's contribution to the Ferguson community.…


Legend Trailer

My unofficial trailer for the 1985 film Legend. I loved it as a kid and when I decided that I wanted to try my hand at cutting some trailers it was a perfect first choice. Directed by Ridley Scott and showing the same awesome visual sense that made Blade Runner and Alien (his two previous films) so fantastic. Starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry (though you might not know it due to the excellence of the makeup for…

Point Reyes Light House, easily one of the coolest things we saw on the trip

California Love

In honor of this Valentine's Day and of course my own procrastination I give you some favorites from our anniversary trip to California. We flew into San Francisco, picked up our amazing camper van from Escape Camper Vans and booked it up north to the red woods. One of the most amazing moments on the trip was a result of our exhaustion. We were driving on mountain roads at night and were totally exhausted. We decided to abandon our plan to drive…

Uncanny Valley

A friend sent me this piece and I have been sending it to everyone I know because it's completely brilliant! This is some black mirror level social commentary and the visuals are just beautiful. I love everything about it. Amazing work from 3DAR.